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PhilanthropyGiving Back to the Community

Taking Pride in Helping the Local Communities

Not only does Premier give special gifts to their employees on birthdays, special occasions, and holidays. They also contribute to the local communities. Every year, all the employees give charitable donations to purchase gifts and the directors of Premier Global matches those donations. In 3 years, Premier Global will open over 15 new branches with 7-8 employees working for each location, so soon Premier Global will have the potential to raise hundreds of dollars to be the local communities’ Santa Clause.


As the “company of opportunity,” Premier Global has the unique ability and commitment to educate and mobilize people on economic issues that are of vital importance in America. That’s why global philanthropy is at the root of our company. Through social networking and the combination of many sales representatives in the state of Florida who are willing to volunteer in our communities. We will soon create a foundation that improves poverty all over the country. Assisting lower class families or homeless people with a “second chance” of accomplishing the American Dream. For starters, we have contributed tons of goods to the local food drive in Gainesville, FL and will start volunteering to feed the homeless right here in Ocala, FL.

Donate blood with Life South in our local community

Toy Drive

Brother's Keeper

Brother’s Keeper is a social service ministry located on 2 Fort King Street in Ocala, FL. They been serving the needy in our community for over 40 years. We love what they’re doing in the community day in and day out and we support that 100%. They also run a soup kitchen that feeds the community from noon to 1pm every day, including holidays, Christmas, and Easter. If you want to volunteer and join Premier Global on this adventure please contact Brother’s Keeper to volunteer at 352-789-8139.