Ethics & Compliance

Our Values

We are strongly committed to living up to core values of Virtue, Ambition, Loyalty, Unity, and Entrepreneurship. At Premier Global, we live by this acronym of the word value. We emphasize integrity and best-in-class relationships with respect and kindness. Our code of conduct applies our acronym of the word value and a culture of integrity to our business by setting out relevant principles for ethical behavior. We are proud that Premier Global is a socially responsible company that expects strict compliance with the Federal law. We understand that our commitment to behaving lawfully and ethically is indispensable to our reputation, our opportunity, and our success.


Why Does PREMIER GLOBAL Stand Out From the Competition

Premier Global provides tremendous savings by marketing directly to our consumers inside retail stores throughout the state of Florida. By using the model of direct selling, our ICD’s are able to market telecommunication services to friends and family, as well as the retail customers while providing a more personalized approach to the entire experience. In addition, with Premier Global’s powerful partnerships with the retail stores and fortune 500 clients, the opportunity of limitless growth is almost impossible for entrepreneur minded people